Cardiac/Pulmonary: Electrocardiogram & Echocardiogram

Electrocardiographs (EKGs) are snapshots of how your pet's heart functions. EKGs are very helpful at detecting numerous types of arrhythmias as well as a handful of other cardiac conditions that cannot be diagnosed with a stethoscope during a regular physical examination. You probably have seen an EKG machine—also known as an ECG machine—or have had one done in your doctor's office as they are commonly used to test for common heart conditions in humans.


An EKG is a completely noninvasive, painless procedure that involves placing several electrodes on your pet's skin. The machine reads the electrical impulses coming from your pet's heart. The graph-like results produced by the EKG machine allow our veterinarians to diagnose numerous cardiac conditions. If we notice any abnormalities, we explain them to you and advise you on next steps.

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