Otolaryngology: Ear, Nose and Throat

An otoscopic examination of your pet’s ears is an important part of your pet’s regular wellness checkups. During your pet’s lifetime, he or she may develop a number of painful and sometimes dangerous conditions in their ears. These can include ear mites, infections, wax balls and any other indication of underlying problems in or around the ears.
Because early detection and treatment of ear problems are important to prevent serious illness and hearing loss, your veterinarian will examine your pet’s ears using an otoscope. With an otoscope, your veterinarian can check for signs of disease as well as injury to the ear canal and eardrum. 
The otoscopic examination takes only a few moments and does not cause pain or discomfort to your pet. Once completed, your Buffalo veterinarian will discuss with you the health of your pet’s ears as well as any treatment options if necessary. 
It is not uncommon for an ear infection’s underlying cause to be undertreated, which can lead to chronic and painful infections, scaring of the ear canal, hearing loss and generalized systemic infections.
Symptoms of an ear problem include:
Head Shaking
Foul odor
Redness or swelling around the ear
Discharge from the ear
Scratching or pawing at the ears
Ear pain
Excessive ear wax buildup
Loss of balance
If your pet displays any of these symptoms, please call Elmwood Animal Hospital to set up an appointment. The sooner an ear problem is diagnosed and treated, the better the chance for a successful resolution.
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